Program Enhancement Core

Arlan Richardson, Ph.D.

Arlan Richardson, Ph.D.

Reynolds Oklahoma Center for Aging

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Holly Van Remen, Ph.D.

Holly Van Remmen, Ph.D.

Aging and Metabolism Research Program

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

The Program Enhancement Core of the Oklahoma Nathan Shock Center will provide both intellectual and organizational leadership in developing a research emphasis in Geroscience in Oklahoma City as well as the State of Oklahoma. To stimulate interaction among faculty, the Program Enhancement Core will organize an annual Oklahoma GeroScience Symposium where faculty at the various institutions describe their research. In addition, Investigators receiving pilot grants from the Research Development Core are invited to attend the Symposium and present their data.

The Program Enhancement Core also provides investigators a unique service, the pathological analysis of mice focused on pathological lesions that change with age and could play a role in the aging of the animal.