Integrative Redox Biology Core


Holly Van Remmen, PhD

Aging and Metabolism Research Program

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

The Integrative Redox Biology Core of the Oklahoma Nathan Shock Center will provide investigators with a coordinated and comprehensive evaluation of the molecules, pathways, and systems that contribute to oxidative metabolism and oxidative stress using analyses of frozen samples from a wide variety of model species (e.g. invertebrates, rodents, exceptionally long-lived species, and humans). These analyses include state-of-the-art measures of redox and energy balance as well as oxidative damage and mitochondrial function. The Integrative Redox Biology Core will provide the following services:

Cost of Assays

 Assay 1:NADH, & NADPH  $30/sample
 Assay 2: NAD, NADP  $30/sample
 Assay 3: GSH & GSSG  $30/sample
 F2-isoprostanes  $75/sample
 8-oxo-deoxy guanosine  $100/sample (not currently available)
 Protein carbonyls (total)  $75/sample
 Protein carbonyls (specific proteins)  $275/sample