Gene Function Prediction

About 31% of human gene names do not appear in MEDLINE, nor do approximately 90% of human non-coding RNAs. And existing literature is heavily skewed towards well-known genes with 75% of effort focusing on 10% of genes (Edwards et al., 2011). We can predict what individual genes do and find genes related to phenotypes/diseases of interest (e.g., synaptic transmission, sarcopenia). We have developed software that analyzes over 75,000 human microarray experiments to identify genes correlated across heterogeneous conditions (Dozmorov & Wren, 2011a,b; Wren, 2009) that can then be linked back to what they have in common in MEDLINE (Figure). Phenotype prediction has been 85% accurate in wet-lab experiments (48 positive out of 56 tested) and several formerly uncharacterized genes successfully validated (Towner et al, 2013a; Towner et al., 2013b; Clemmensen et al., 2012; Lupu et al., 2011; Daum et al., 2009).


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